Revenue Accounts

Revenue account objects allow you to track the organization's income from the sale of its goods and services based on the revenue group.

You can retrieve individual revenue accounts as well as a list of all your revenue accounts.

Revenue Account

namestringfalseThe name of the revenue account in hand.
codestringfalseA unique code to identify the revenue account.
colorstringfalseA color code with which the revenue account is represented.
descriptionstringfalseA description of the revenue account.
defaultForstringfalseThis field will appear only for default accounts (by default, there are four pre-set accounts: Booking fees, Deposits, Membership fees, One-off Fees). In the field, you'll be able to see the item for which the account is created - bookings, fees etc.
taxRateidfalseA reference to the tax rate that will be applied to the revenue account.