The benefits objects describe benefits that members can use and are added to OfficeRnD.

You can retrieve an individual benefit as well as query all the events by location, company or member.

Here is the list of the benefit object properties:


locationsLocationsfalsеAn array containing the _ids of locations for which the benefit applies.
If left empty the benefit will apply for all locations.
namestringtrueThe name of the benefit.
descriptionstringfalseA short description of the benefit.
categorystringfalseThe category of the benefit.
If you create multiple benefits with matching categories, they'll be grouped in the members portal under the same category.
urlstringfalseAn external URL associated with the benefit.
imagestringfalseThe image of the benefit.
coverImagestringfalseThe cover image of the benefit.
contentstringfalseA longer description of the benefit.