Get booking credits

Get all hourly credits that have been issued.

You can filter by using the validFrom and validTo parameters to check for hourly credits for a specific period.
You can also filter by using the team and member parameter if you'd like to check hourly credits issued to a specific person/company.

For more information on hourly credits go here.

The parameters available for this collection are:

validFromdatetrueThe start date of the credits.
validTodatefalseThe end date of the credits.
parentstringfalseCredits have parent credits, that are responsible for the monthly generation of credits. In other words, this is the "yellow" entry you see in the UI - more on the topic of credits in our article.
teamCompanyfalseA reference to the company associated with the credits.
memberMemberfalseA reference to the member associated with the credits.
countnumbertrueThe number of credits granted.
ratesarrayfalseIf left empty the credits will be valid for all resource rates. If filled with strings of rates the credits will be valid only for the selected rates.
createdAtdatereadonlyThe date when the credits were created.
createdBydatereadonlyThe _id of the user who created the credits.
usednumberfalseThe number of credits used.
statusnumberreadonlyThe status of the credits, can be either used or valid.
intervalLengthstringfalseDetermines whether the credits are recurring or not. Can be either "once" or "month". If left unspecified will be set to "once".
startDatedatefalseThis is used for credits that have their "intervalLength" set to "month" and serves as the start date of the recurrence of the credits.
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