Resource objects describe all type of bookable (short term bookings or long term assignments) resources in the system.

Resource types can be extended and modified, but the default ones are:

  • meeting rooms - meeting_room
  • private offices - team_room
  • private office desk - desk_tr
  • dedicated desks - desk
  • hot desks - hotdesk

You can retrieve individual resources as well as a list of all your resources or all of a specific type.


namestringtrueThe name of the resource in hand.
rateRatefalseThe resource rate used for pricing bookings for this particular resource.
officeLocationtrueThe location the resource is assigned to
roomFloortrueThe floorplan the resource is assigned to
typeenumtrueThe type of the resource. One of the types listed above.
parents[id]falseArray of resource ids which are parents of the current resource. Parents are only present for resource types with hierarchicalResourcesEnabled option set to true.