The Community API allows you to programmatically interact with the OfficeRnD CRM entities.


  • Companies / Teams - the list of business entities or teams in the OfficeRnD database.
  • Members / Employees - the list of users in the OfficeRnD member/employee database.
  • Opportunities - the list of leads that are interested in your space.
  • Contracts - the list of contracts that each company has signed with your space.
  • Memberships - the list of all memberships individuals and companies have for your space.
  • Fees - the list of one-off charges that any individual or company has incurred while using your space.
  • Visitors & Visits - the list of all visitors and their entries to your space as added manually or through integration.
  • Checkins - the list of all recorded check-ins of users of your space.

Learn more about the OfficeRnD Community entities in the help portal.