The post objects describe community posts added to OfficeRnD.

You can retrieve an individual post as well as query all the posts by location, company or member.

Here is the list of the post object properties:


typestringtrueThe type of the post - currently the only supported type is info.
descriptionstringtrueThe content of the post.
locationsLocationtrueAn array of all locations for which this post is relevant. If you want to be for all locations - just pass an empty array []
urlstringfalseThe URL for the image included in the post headline.
teamCompanyfalseA reference to the company that creates the post.
memberMemberfalseA reference to the member that creates the post.
sourcestringfalseThe origin/source of the post.
createdAtdatereadonlyThe date when the post has been created.
createdByidreadonlyThe user that created the post.