Resource Types

Resource types can be extended and modified, but the default ones are:

  • meeting rooms - meeting_room
  • private offices - team_room
  • private office desk - desk_tr
  • dedicated desks - desk
  • hot desks - hotdesk

Target types (Floorplan object type):

  • desk
  • zone

Booking modes:

  • time
  • date

Check-in modes:

  • half_day
  • day

You can retrieve a list of all your resource types.

Resource Types

titlestringtrueThe name of the resource type.
typestringtrueA unique key that links the resource type to a zone type.
targetenumtrueThe floorplan object type of the resource. One of types listed above.
bookingModeenumfalseBooking mode of the resource type. One of types listed above.
checkinModeenumfalseThe check-in mode of the resource type (applicable to hotdesk type only). One of types listed above.
iconstringfalseAn icon to represent the resource type on the portal.
colorstringfalseA color that color codes the resource type on the floorplan.
canBookbooleanfalseIf true, the resource type is available for booking on a calendar.
canAssignbooleanfalseIf true, memberships is assignable to the resource type.
primarybooleanfalseIf true, the resource occupancy can be tracked in the Occupancy section of the Dashboard.
hierarchicalResourcesEnabledbooleanfalseIf true, the resource type allows parent/child relationship (applicable to meeting_room type only).