Fee objects describe one-off charges or groups of one-off charges. They might or might not be connected to a specific plan, but must have their own name and price.

You can retrieve individual fee as well as query all the fees by location, company or member.

Here is the list of all properties the fee object has:


namestringtrueThe name of the charge. It will appear in the invoice line item.
pricenumbertrueThe unit price of the item described by the fee.
quantitynumberfalseThe quantity described by the one-off charge. If omitted, 1 is assumed.
datedatetrueThe date when the service has been sold. This date is used to determine in which invoice the fee should be included.
teamCompanyfalseReference to the company (required if no member)
memberMemberfalseReference to the company (required if no team)
officeLocationtrueA reference to the location the fee is issued for
planPlanfalseA reference to the price plan assigned to the fee. It is used to determine the sales account when generating an invoice
refundablebooleanfalseIf true, the one-off charge is counted as deposit and can be refunded later on.
billInAdvancebooleanfalseIf true, the one-off charge is billed in advance (respecting its date). By default one-off charges are billed in arears.
isPersonalbooleanfalseIf true, the one-off charge is billed to the assigned member and not to the company.
sourcestringfalseThe origin/source of the fee.