The OfficeRnD platform is the leading flexible workspace management platform that powers thousands of flexible spaces across the globe. Our workplace experience apps and tools are used by hundreds of thousands of users monthly to book conference rooms, desks, collaborate, manage visitors and so much more!

Together, we can build the flexible future of work and enable people to work from anywhere.

The OfficeRnD platform is open to partners and developers of all sizes, from solo freelancers to global-scale agencies and organizations.

You can use our APIs to access rich data about employees/tenants/members, resources, rooms and desks, sign-ins, events, visitors, and more in the workplace to drive deep insights and greater experiences.
Create powerful workflows to automate tasks by connecting your app and listening to events.
Share your app alongside our ever-growing catalog of 100+ apps and integrations.

We provide two sets of platform APIs that can help you achieve different use-cases:

  • Server to server - available at /{resource} - usually used for integrating server-based applications.

  • Client to server - available at /user/{resource} - usually used for building custom member tools, such as mobile apps, member portals, etc.

Get Started

Create your first application and make your first API request by following our guide and learn how to query data in our API.


Authenticate to the OfficeRnD API in order to access your organisation's data.

Building Applications

Learn how to build your applications and improve their functionality.


Set up webhooks to be notified when a certain event occurs in OfficeRnD.


Expand your organisation's reach with our hosted integrations.


Take a look at our help articles and contact the OfficeRnD team.