Bookings are short-term reservation of resource. Bookings can reserve any resource, such as Meeting Room, Hot desk, Private Office, etc.

The API allows you to create, delete, and update bookings.

Here is the list of most properties the booking object has:


start.dateTimedatetrueStart datetime of the booking in ISO date time format
end.dateTimedatetrueEnd datetime of the booking in ISO date time format
timezonestringreadonlyThe booking resource timezone
sourcestringfalseThe origin/source of the booking
summarystringfalseBooking title/summary
resourceIdidtrueReference to the booked resource
planidreadonlyReference to the resource rate used for the booking
teamidfalseReference to the company (required if no member)
memberidfalseReference to the member (required if no team)
descriptionstringfalseLong description of the booking
tentativebooleanfalseTrue if the booking is not confirmed. Tentative booking are not charged.
freebooleanfalseTrue if the booking is marked as free. If create a booking marked as free, no fees will be added for it.
feesarrayreadonlyArray of items describing how the booking will be charged for. Described below as BookingFee.
extrasobjectreadonlyDictionary with keys the IDs of the extras to add to the booking and values - the quantity of the extra
canceledbooleanreadonlyWhether the booking got canceled or not. It also can be passed when calling the /summary endpoint.

Booking Fee

datedatetrueThe date of the occurrence the fee has been generated for
feeFeefalseThe actual charge generated for this occurrence.
creditsarraytrueThe credits used for the booking
extraFeesarray(Fee)trueArray of fees generated for the extras.