Execute user booking request

The bookings checkout endpoint allows you to create a booking request with a set of parameters.

This can be used to trigger a purchase flow and generate a fee and invoice for a booking.
The checkout flow simulates the flow that members have to go through when booking a resource in the members portal or the public calendar.

Booking Request

startdatetrueStart datetime of the booking request.
enddatetrueEnd datetime of the booking request.
teamidfalseReference to the company (required if no member).
memberidfalseReference to the member (required if no team).
extrasobjectfalseDictionary with keys the IDs of the extras to add to the booking and values - the quantity of the extra.
sourcestringfalseThe origin/source of the bookings.
summarystringfalseBooking title/summary.
descriptionstringfalseLong description of the booking.
tentativebooleanfalseTrue if the booking is not confirmed. Tentative bookings are not charged.
freebooleanfalseTrue if the booking is marked as free. If a booking is marked as free, no fees will be added for it.
sizenumber*falseThe resource size to be used.
countnumbertrueThe count of bookings of this type to be made.
rateidfalseThe resource rate to be used to lookup available resources.
resourceIdidfalseThe _id of the resource which will be booked.
resourceTypeidfalseThe resource type to be used to lookup available resources.
officeidfalseThe office to be used to lookup available resources.

number*: You can use a query instead of a value, for example { size: { $gte: 2 } }, meaning the size must be at least 2



In order to use the requests in this collection you need to authenticate to the API with your username and password by using this request.

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