Membership objects allow you to assign recurring charges (price plans) to individual members or teams.
The API allows you to create, delete, and update your memberships.
You can retrieve individual memberships as well as a list of all your memberships.

Here is the list of all properties the membership object has:

namestringtrueThe display name of the membership. Used to generate invoice line items as well
pricenumbertrueThe monthly price of the membership
teamCompanyfalseReference to the company (required if no member)
memberMemberfalseReference to the member (required if no company)
officeLocationtrueA reference to the location the fee is issued for
planPlantrueA reference to the price plan assigned to the membership. It is used to determine the sales account when generating an invoice
isPersonalbooleanfalseIf true, the membership is billed to the assigned member and not to the company
startDatedatetrueThe membership starting date
endDatedatefalseThe last date of membership. If not set the membership is open-ended
discountidfalseA reference to a discount definition
discountAmountnumberfalseManually granted discount for the specific membership
calculatedDiscountAmountnumberreadonlyThe actual discount amount coming from a discount defintion or from a manually granted discount
discountedPricenumberreadonlyThe final membership unit price after granting the discount
lockedbooleanfalseIf true, prevents editing the membership
sourcestringfalseThe origin/source of the membership