Company objects allow you to keep your companies' data in single place, track memberships, invoices, charges, fees, and etc.

Everything that is associated with the same customer.
The API allows you to create, delete, and update your companies / teams.
You can retrieve individual companies as well as a list of all your companies.

Here is the list of all properties the company object has:


namestringtrueThe full name of the company
emailstringfalseThe email address of the company
twitterHandlestringfalseThe twitter handle of the company
officeidfalseReference to the location the company belongs to. It will default to the only location if left empty
paymentDetailsarrayreadonlyArray containing all the names of the payment details added to the company account
createdAtdatereadonlyThe date when the company has been created at.
createdByidreadonlyThe user that created the company.
modifiedAtdatereadonlyThe date when the company has been modified for the last time. Before the first modification, this field equals to the createdAt field.
modifiedByidreadonlyThe user that did the last modification to the company. Before the first modification, this field equals to the createdBy field.