Custom properties

You can retrieve a list of all custom properties that have been recorded for your organisation.

For more information on properties, please see our article here.
To learn how to work with custom properties in the API, please see this guide.

Here is the list of all properties the properties object has:


valuesarrayfalseAn array containig the pre-determined values of the custom property.
Applies only for "Select" and "Multi-select" custom properties.
privacystringfalseDetermines the privacy of the custom property.
By default this is set to "admin".
ratesarraytrueAn array containing the _ids of the resource rates to which the custom property applies.
This is only for custom properties that target bookings.
targetsarrayfalseThe collection for which the custom property applies.
titlestringtrueThe title of the custom property.
namestringtrueThe name of the custom property.
This is the unique identifier of the property (apart from its _id).
This is what you'll use when applying the property to an entity from another collection.
typestringtrueThe type of the property.
The types are: String, Text, Number, File, Date, Boolean, Select, Multi-select.