The event objects describe community events added to OfficeRnD.

You can retrieve an individual event as well as query all the events by location, company or member.

Here is the list of the event object properties:


startdatetrueThe start date and time of the event.
enddatetrueThe end date and time of the event.
officeLocationtrueA reference to the location the invoiced is issued by.
teamCompanyfalseA reference to the company that organizes the event.
memberMemberfalseA reference to the member that organizes the event.
titlestringfalseA brief title of the event.
descriptionstringfalseA detailed description of the event.
wherestringfalseAdditional information for the location of the event.
timezonestringfalseThe timezone of the event.
imagestringfalseA url to an image for the event.
limitnumberfalseThe number of participants that this event will host.