The plan objects allow you to create one-off or recurring named charges.

You can retrieve individual plans as well as a list of all your plans.

Here is the list of the plan object properties:


namestringtrueThe name of the plan in hand. It appears everywhere in the system.
descriptionstringfalseText describing the plan. It will appear when users need to choose among different plans.
pricenumbertrueThe default unit price for the plan, depending if it is recurring plan or a one-off plan.
locationsLocationtrueList of all locations where the plan is present. If empty, all locations are assumed.
typeenumtrueThe type of the plan. It could be office, desk, hotdesk or service.
intervalLengthenumtrueThe plan interval. It could be month or once.
codestringfalseExternal identifier for the plan. Usually used for accounting purposes.
createdAtdatereadonlyThe date when the plan has been created.
createdByidreadonlyThe user that created the plan.
modifiedAtdatereadonlyThe user that did the last modification to the plan. If no update is made this field will match the createdBy field.
modifiedByidreadonlyThe user that did the last modification to the plan. Before the first modification, this field equals to the createdBy field.



Right now the plans API returns both rates and plans, so you should ignore all items with isRate property set to true*